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The Best Restaurants in Punta de Mita & What to Eat in Them

One of the many great things anticipated while on vacation is the food you are going to be able to indulge in while there. For those heading to Punta de Mita, you’re in for a real treat to say the least, seeing as there are dozens of beautifully renowned restaurants all waiting to serve you up a delicious and tasty meal. Here are some of the best restaurants in Punta de Mita and suggestions on what to order while there…

Tuna Blanca at Hotel Cinco

From the moment you walk in, you will soon feel the chic and romantic ambiance that seems to exude every inch of this beautifully designed and well laid out restaurant. Dive into a diversity of flavors, textures, smells and colors of Mexico all made with only the freshest and most delicious ingredients, all while overlooking the ocean which is just under 10 meters (30 ft) from your table.

Order: Taco of Confit Suckling Pig With Avocado Leaf, Rose Lobster and the Red Prickly Pear Coupe for dessert.

restaurant tuna blanca hotel cinco punta mita


Aramara by Four Seasons

Located inside the gorgeously designed Four Seasons Resort, you will find a restaurant that includes an exotic bar, live music six nights per week as well as indoor and outdoor seating for all. With a wide range of various dishes, you will soon find yourself in food heaven wishing you could try just about everything they have on the menu.

Order: Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps, Glazed Lamb Lion, Black Truffle Potato.


Sea Breeze by St. Regis 

Not only is the food to die for here at the St. Regis Sea Breeze restaurant but also the view you get while enjoying your meal. This Latin cuisine is the perfect choice for casual dining while on vacation in Punta de Mita taking in all the beauty that surrounds the area.

Order: Quinoa Salad, The New York Strip and the Brownie Sunday for dessert.

see breeze st regis

The Sea Breeze at St Regis Punta Mita


The Blue Shrimp 

Enjoy a wide range of seafood dishes all freshly served and to your likings while paying a visit to The Blue Shrimp restaurant. Whether you want to head there in the morning or late into the evening, this is one restaurant that is sure to satisfy.

Order: Peruvian Ceviche, Portuguese Shrimp or the Lobster Enchiladas.


Tacos on the Street

If you are in the mood for tacos, which should never be a question, then Tacos on the Street is a must while in Punta de Mita. With plenty of beer, wine and margaritas to go alongside your tacos, you may very well find your new favorite taco joint.

Order: Shaved Beef Tacos, Rib Eye Tacos, Chicken Quesadillas.

tacos on the street

Expats and travelers flock to Tacos on the Street, open Wednesday to Sunday.


As you can see the best restaurants in Punta de Mita offer food and quality in different kinds of environments. If you feel like dressing up and dining at a chic place with top service and a bill to match, then Aramara and Sea Breeza are a great option. If  it’s an elegant location with great service and good food you’re after without spending over your head Tuna Blanca will satisfy all your needs. And if it’s good quality casual food you’re after then Tacos on the Street is your best bet.


Do you have any other favorites? Make sure you share them with us and other readers in the comments section below!

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