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Mountain Biking in Punta de Mita

Punta de Mita is a beautiful tourist destination that also has a lot of different and fun activities to offer so that you will always have something new to do while visiting: snorkeling, bird watching, surfing, and now… Mountain Biking. Mountain Biking in Punta de Mita doesn’t only offer a healthy and fun activity to do, but it also provides a great way to experience the local jungle and explore nearby beaches and towns. There are tons of different options that adapt from novice to experienced, so you can make the most out of this activity. The rides can go from 1 hour beginner loop, and up to 5 hours of epic rides. Nayarit offers different landscapes you can enjoy while Mountain Biking, that go from beautiful secluded beaches to the surrounding jungle. Furthermore, these landscapes also offer challenges for the bikers; such as steep up hills and technical descents, or heading straight up the Sierra Madre mountains on old mining roads. You can get to explore rural areas around town, back roads, creeks, small country villages, and open fields. From beginners to advanced riders, there is a tour offering designed just for you.

Punta de Mita Expeditions, working along with Punta Mita Master Developort DINE, designed and constructed the new 5km Mountain Bike Trail inside the gates of the Punta de Mita Resort. Now you can explore Punta de Mita and discover an untouched side of this stunning peninsula. Guided tours depart every day and last for about two hours to complete the entire course. The trails is full of curves, hills, rest/view areas and connector trails. The Bike Tours includes state of the art bikes, gear, as well as an experienced guide.

mountain biking punta mita

Wildmex is one of the groups that offer Mountain Bike Trips; they offer rides for all ability levels, well maintained Quality Mountain Bikes, and knowledgeable and bilingual guides. Wildmex offers three different Mountain Biking Trips: Punta Sayulita Mountain Bike Trip, which price is $75 USD for a private trip, and $60 USD if the trip is for 2 or more people (price is per person). This ride departs from Sayulita and takes the riders through nearby trails to secluded beaches, and the jungle ecosystem surrounding the area. This ride is characterized by its adaptability; it is great for groups with different ability levels, as it is flexible and the rider can adapt as it goes. The duration of this ride varies from one hour to two and a half, the first one being for beginner, and the latter more of a intense XC ride. The ride includes Mountain Bike rental, helmet, guide and drinking water, and the group departs in both mornings and afternoon.

The second option is the Litibu Single Track, with a price of $95 USD for private trips, and $75 USD per person for groups of 2 or more. This track is the newest of all three consists of mostly old dirt roads and horse trails. However, it has been modified so that Advanced Mountain Bikers can ride on them without putting themselves in danger. This ride includes going up to Monkey Mountains, allowing a great view up top, before a technical downhill down. At the base of the hill, there are a few singletracks with less inclination which are fun and easier to ride, for those riders who have a little less experience. This specific ride takes around one hour and a half; however, it can be extended to the trails of North of Sayulita, maybe even making it all the way to Sayulita, turning it into a three hour advanced technical ride. This ride includes Mountain Bike rental, helmet, water, snacks, guide and transportation from WildMex headquarters.

mountain biking punta de mita

The last available trip is Las Lomas-San Pancho-Sayulita MTB adventure, and its price is the exact same one as for Litibu Single Track; $95 USD for private trips, and $75 USD per person for groups of 2 or more. This ride starts from a small town on the nearby hills called Las Lomas, where the riders will be able to enjoy old jeep roads through mango plantations, and head towards the rolling hills, and these will lead to the beautiful beach town of San Pancho. After San Pancho, the ride continues through a steep singletrack section through the dense jungle, after which the riders will head downhill until they reach the secluded Malpaso beach. The ride finishes in the town of Sayulita through a track that allows a beautiful view of the ocen.

Another excellent operator that offers great mountain biking tours is Eco Ride, while also keeping them at reasonable prices. Their different bike tours include: Vallejo, San Pedro, El Salto Waterfall, Yelapa and Piedra Grande. However, while Eco Ride tends to focus primarily on intermediate riders, they do count with tours for riders that range from all levels to advanced to expert.

As you see there are several options when it comes to enjoying a day outdoors but not in the ocean. If you’re up for any of these trips just speak with our concierge and we’ll get it sorted for you!

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