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Is Punta de Mita Safe? Absolutely.

“Is the place I am going to travel with alone, with my spouse and with my kids a safe place to be?” That is almost always the first question and concern that pops into our heads when traveling anywhere outside of our known region or country, and it is a great question to ask not just ourselves but legitimate resources as well.

If you are planning to head to Mexico, and more specifically Punta de Mita within the next months of this year for vacation like so many others are, then you are likely concerned with the recent safety status there. Although the media has in all senses of the word “exaggerated” many of the stories and headlines that are streaming currently, there are of course truths in the fact that some parts of Mexico are deemed unsafe. However, Punta de Mita is not one of them.

girl surfing punta de mita

Surfing is a primary activity in Punta de Mita where, Judging from her stance, safety is certainly not a concern.

In fact, 95% of Mexico’s municipalities are safe and with lower average crime rates than that of the United States. The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding if a place is safe of course is not focusing on the entire country itself but rather specific areas such as the lovely and high scale area of Punta de Mita.

With the recent news of drug lord Chapo Guzman escaping from prison, the situation still has not affected any tourism safety whatsoever. Within the past few years, Mexico’s overall home crime rate has in fact dropped quite dramatically and unless you are involved in drug trade, you are statistically safer in Mexico than anywhere else in the U.S. Mexico as a whole has only 13.6% rape crime, which is better than Spain, France, Canada and the U.S. It is also 2nd behind Japan as being the safest place in terms of assaults per year.

With Puerto Vallarta’s population being nearly the same as Anaheim, California, many times it is used to compare certain crime rates. For example, Puerto Vallarta has in fact 186 robberies compared to Anaheim’s 465. Auto theft in Puerto Vallarta is also 419 next to Anaheim’s 1029. With both places being along the Pacific and both major tourist destinations it gives people a good perspective on the fact that Mexico is no less safe if not safer than Anaheim, CA.

safe punta mita

If they come to Punta Mita because they feel safe, won’t you? Image source:

As of today, there have been no serious crimes, massive safety concerns or warnings put on Punta de Mita and is ensured a very safe and relaxing place to head to for your upcoming vacations and visits. All you need to do is be aware, cautious and alert just as you would back home and remember that beautiful Punta de Mita is waiting to be enjoyed by you and the many others heading there soon.


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