AquaSports Center

The AquaSports Center at CINCO Beachfront Residences has one sea kayak as well as a broad away of SUP and surf boards available for rent. In addition, we have a Panga boat with a captain available for your trips to five other nearby surf breaks on the peninsula. Pangas are also available for whale watching (Dec-May) or exploring the offshore Marieta Islands.


The surf break just in front of CINCO is known as the Anclote break, and is recognized as one of the best breaks for beginning surfers in Mexico, if not the world. We work with the local community of  surf schools and surf shops to help you find classes to meet your skill level and preferences.

Other popular breaks in the area include La Lancha, El Faro, Burros, and the Point. Your concierge Horacio can arrange boards and boats to take  you where the waves are best on any given day and time.

For new surfers–or for those wanting some refresher or improvement tips–CINCO offers instruction to surfers of all experience levels and ages, from first time beginners to surfers preparing to compete. We try to keep the ratio of students to instructor at three or less, and may restrict the size of the class based on availability of instructors. The only prerequisites for surf lessons are an ability to swim and a positive attitude. Our instructors are in the water with the students, helping to select and catch waves and providing constant feedback to the students.

We work with a group of instructors who we refer to as The Founding Fathers of Punta de Mita Surfing – Josue, Lalo, Saui, Antonio and Osso. All grew up surfing these local waves, and all now own surf shops in the town. They not only teach, and work with local kids to keep the Mita surfing tradition alive and well, but many compete in Mexico’s national competitions.


  • (12 yrs above)
  • (Upto 12 yrs)