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Hotel Cinco

The Best Restaurants in Punta de Mita & What to Eat in Them

One of the many great things anticipated while on vacation is the food you are going to be able to indulge in while there. For those heading to Punta de Mita, you’re in for a real treat to say the least, seeing as there are dozens of beautifully renowned restaurants all waiting to serve you up a delicious and tasty meal. Here are some of the best restaurants in Punta de Mita and suggestions on what to order while there… Tuna Blanca at Hotel Cinco From the moment you walk in, you will soon feel the chic and romantic ambiance that seems to exude every inch of this beautifully designed and well laid out restaurant. Dive into a diversity of flavors, textures, smells and colors of Mexico all made with only the freshest and most delicious ingredients, all while overlooking the ocean which is just under 10 meters (30 ft) from[continue reading]